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How Important Is Access Control in Workplaces?

Whether you own a business that handles large amounts of cash or you run an office that deals with confidential information, effective security protocols are essential. While you don’t want strangers hanging around your premises, you also want to ensure your staff can freely move around to where they need to be – that’s where access control comes into play.

But what is access control? And how can it be used to protect your workplace? The team here at Astra Security Systems is here to help with this comprehensive guide.

What is access control?

To enter your home, you’ll use a key to ensure only you and those who trust have access. This protects your property and discourages any would-be intruders. The same principle applies to access control systems.

An access control system limits who can enter a space, restricting access to only those who are supposed to be there. These can come in many forms – from basic proximity fobs and keypads to more complex biometric and facial recognition readers – and you’ll need to choose the most suitable access control system for your needs.

Online access control vs standalone access control

If you’re thinking about installing access control at your workplace, you’ll face a choice between online access control or a standalone system. It’s important that you understand the differences between the two so that you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your business.

A standalone access control system operates independently of a wider access control system and usually only controls entry to a specific area via a single door. This is a practical solution for smaller workplaces or areas where complex wiring just isn’t feasible. However, this system does lack convenience as each new person must be manually added to each door controller – you can’t quickly update access online. 

By contrast, an online access control system can be remotely controlled and monitored from a computer or mobile device. It allows for multiple access points to be managed through one central system via a wired or wireless network, making it the perfect solution for businesses based across multiple sites. If your workplace has varying security environments – perhaps certain areas handle confidential data and therefore require a higher security clearance than others – then an online access control system can also help you restrict and customise access to these zones. Network access control systems are also easily scalable, and there is the opportunity to expand the system as your business grows.

Here at Astra Security Systems, we supply Paxton Net2 and Paxton10 access control systems, both of which deliver a flexible and convenient, yet affordable, way of securing your building.

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How do access control systems benefit workplaces?

  • Enhanced security: When you implement an access control system, only authorised people are allowed entry onto your site. This provides peace of mind as you know that your assets and any sensitive information are protected in the event of a break-in. In addition, more complex access control systems allow you to see who’s entered and left your site and at what time, meaning any security incidents can be quickly addressed.

    Site safety: With a network access control system, you can track which area your employees were last seen in, so you know who’s where in the event of an emergency. Also, these systems allow you to restrict access to hazardous or high-risk zones to reduce the risk of an accident.

  • Employee satisfaction: An access control system can help your employees feel safer and more secure while working on-site. It also offers more flexibility to shift workers as they can come and go as and when they need, without having to wait around for a keyholder to let them in.
  • Less hassle: Misplacing our keys – whether temporarily or otherwise – is a seemingly common occurrence, but for businesses, this can have disruptive, and potentially very expensive, consequences. An access control system reduces hassle as there’s no need to have new keys cut or locks replaced every time an employee loses track of their key.

  • Reduces operating costs: With an effective access control system in place, you can reduce the number of security personnel needed on-site to lower operating costs.

Are you looking for an effective way to secure your workplace in Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Ashford and beyond? The SSAIB-accredited team here at Astra Security Solutions can supply and install high-quality access control systems for your peace of mind. 

With over 40 years of experience to our name, we’re one of the leading security experts across the region – simply get in touch for more information. 

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